A new blog, a new purpose, and a new way of doing things.

Published on: Jan 09, 2023

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I have had a rough year. I go over a lot of this in my last blog post, but my head has not been good for a long time. I have felt guilty and ashamed, and many other emotions made me moody and confused most of the time. Thankfully, through prayer, people, reading, and writing, I have begun to conquer my demons. As a result, my moods have gotten better, and my focus is back, but with my focus has come something interesting. A new clarity.

Where I have been.

For the last several years, I have attempted to start my own “agency” of sorts. I put the agency in quotes because I never expected it to go anywhere. I had a few clients, and the extra work never was taxing. And the money was decent, so why not!

That was until early 2021, one of my clients started to get more clients, so my business started picking up. This motivated me to get a few more clients, so I networked and landed a few! Again, [repeating a lot here], but things were moving quickly before my rough spell hit, and I want to pick up where I left off!

Where I am going.

So, I am writing and journaling more and more. Through this journey, I have realized something very clear: I don’t want to own an agency.

Nothing against agency folks! I love my agency clients! But that’s not for me. I have worked for several agencies in the Tulsa area. Some of my fondest memories are from my agency days. However, there is not a lot of upward mobility unless you are an owner of some type, and I don’t think that is for me. However, I do like freelancing.

Yep. I love freelancing. I don’t know, but it offers a weird sense of freedom. I want to position myself as exactly what I am. I am an expert freelance web developer for hire. My list of skills is vast (and will be listed on this website soon! 😂), and I offer them to clients big and small!

What is next?

So my old agency brand Catchy Labs is going away for a while. I plan to relaunch the site to sell my WordPress plugins, code tutorials, and digital products. We’ll see where it goes.

Right now, I will put myself out as a freelancer for hire. The only thing that changes is I am doing much of this in the open. I will be writing and publishing online more. Putting myself and what I can do out there and seeing where God takes me.

This is my personal brand. More to come!